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The USS Oregon Connection

When contracts to build three Indiana-class battleships were issued by Congress in the late 1800s, the USS Oregon stood out first by simply being the fastest of the three.  By 1898 she was heralded as the victor of the Spanish-American War, eliminating the final force of the Spanish fleet.  A testimony to perseverance, the Oregon’s service to country extended well beyond the turn of the century into several battles, including both World Wars.  Though decommissioned several times, the Navy recalled the Oregon into service one last time as a munitions barge during the Battle of Guam in 1944.

It was there our founder purchased the remains of the USS Oregon, salvaging what was left of her beautiful teak wood decks and officers quarters, and selling the hull to the Japanese.  As a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of both the Oregon and our founder, Lester M. Dean, Sr., we created a suite commemorating unique contributions that survive beyond their years.  If you are a fan of the USS Oregon, you’ll be pleased to know that part of her legacy is displayed within our founder’s legacy in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Community Connections

Dean Realty Co. is proud to team with a generous group of local businesses who support the efforts of several outstanding organizations. We believe giving back to the community is never a requirement, but always an honor.