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from Vision to Victory

Free space for the inspired.

Whether warehouse/production space or an office setting, we welcome you to an opportunity to make it your own!

For a qualified "start-up" with a business plan for a good idea or product combined with essential support, such as how to market, accounting and launch capital, Dean Realty Co. will provide space rent-free for a specified period of time. The only overhead will be utilities and common area maintenance costs!

Our company was founded by a young, inspired, hard-working man. We respect and help support those with the ideas, the savvy and grit to turn a concept into a success!

Dean Realty Co. was founded in 1958 by the epitome of an entrepreneur, Lester Dean Sr. Already a self-made millionaire by age 30, Lester Dean also founded Dean Machinery Co., a Kansas City-based Caterpillar machinery dealership. Both companies are Dean family businesses. Dean Realty Co. is currently led by Lester Dean (Jr.), who is himself an entrepreneur with a deep respect for anyone with drive, savvy and the "guts" to take a worthwhile risk.

Lester, through Dean Realty Co., wants to contribute to the success of new Kansas City-based ventures by providing free business space. Space is one of the most expensive overhead factors for any company. At Dean Realty, we call it "Incu-Space." Various sized spaces that offer a selection of amenities such as loading docks or drive-ins, office areas, areas for lab space or warehouse spaces for manufacturing, assembly, or distribution, are important factors for a start-up company to consider.

Startup companies also need the benefit of flexibility, with no lease term required and the ability to grow, downsize or transfer to a space that works better.

Lester Sr. was the pioneer of underground development. The Downtown Underground at 1501 West 31st Street, Kansas City, Missouri, is a 1,200,000 square foot facility with elevators connected to the surface business park comprised of a dozen different buildings with 450,000 square feet. The Downtown Underground is the first underground of its kind in the world, and it is only fitting that its variety of different office, warehouse and manufacturing/distribution spaces be the first space contributed to a Kansas City-based start-up venture. The underground maintains a constant range of temperatures year round and never requires heat, saving more overhead costs and our natural resources.

Real estate space is, of course, only one important piece of a larger picture for new ventures. The need for capital, guidance, marketing direction, organizational structure, accounting and other processes are equally important.

Many area Kansas City institutions have a vision we support--a focus that includes entrepreneurialism. There are also missions of foundations and venture capital investors that include financial support for worthy ideas. It is our sense that there is a unique opportunity for each of us to create teams of support and forums for vetting that further our goals to support new, worthwhile business ventures. Business is the backbone of our economy. In a larger view, Kansas City could be known as the hub or center for entrepreneurialism. This is our vision.

In addition to Dean Realty's Downtown Business Park and Underground, our Cambridge Business Park at I-35 and Cambridge Circle has both office and "flex" spaces that would be suitable for certain qualified start-ups. It is our thinking that a model of success would be that the various necessary elements of business support be in place to ensure the best chance of success. A cohesive group can be established where capital, space and guidance meets with aspiring entrepreneurs, and those with meritorious plans receive support. We can start with a step in this direction. In tough economic times, more people will take an entrepreneurial path. There are people with inspiring ideas, as we speak.

Dean Realty wants to do its part and, as a team with a vision, we can help other's dreams come true. From "Vision to Victory," we can achieve great things by working together.

Dean Realty will provide free start-up space (as long as utilities and common area costs are covered for items like snow removal, lawn care, etc.) of various sizes and amenities for a specific period of time to well-prepared entrepreneurial start-up companies. We will lend other support by way of marketing, assembly and distribution ideas. Our hope is that the venture is successful and our relationship with the "start-up" becomes a lasting one.