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Kansas City, MO  64108
Phone: 816.531.0800
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Experience Dean Space®

We measure success not by the first lease, but by a tenant's choice to renew again and again...particularly when a fabulous tenant experience is one of the reasons they did!

Meet Kelley.
Kelley Silvers is our Property & Tenant Relations Manager who coordinates everything from tenant finishes to who mows the lawn, and she oversees our Field Services Group. But her most important role is tenant relations, making sure our tenants are extremely satisfied with both the function and quality of their space, as well as our performance as landlord. Her task is to ensure tenant requests are handled promptly and efficiently, and at a level of customer service that exceeds expectations. She meets with our tenants throughout the year-not only when an issue needs attention-to make certain their experience is exceptional! She brings a 24-year background in commercial property management.

We believe that being extremely good at a few things is far more important than being average at many.

Meet the front line.
The Field Services Group is the backbone of the company. They keep the building systems running efficiently and respond to maintenance calls--our dependable and skilled front line. They are, without doubt, the greatest contributors to the impression our tenants have of our company.

We take pride in the range and quality of services we provide, and in the men and women who comprise the Field Services Group. They have been trained to be professional and responsive, an important part of our unwavering commitment to our tenants. Having an in-house, on call, instantly available solution to most any issue is a service our tenants can expect!

We represent only our own property...we develop it, own it, lease it and manage every square foot...so 100% of the experience related to it is our responsibility. Our tenants say it best.

"The staff and employees at W 31st Underground have been great, taking care of our warehouse needs. The crew and staff have been of great help when we needed it." - Ron McCunniff, Hostess Brands/Interstate Brands

"Jason worked with us in a professional manner.  Our needs were constantly changing on this request.  Quick turnaround when I asked him to change things on the rental agreement--very flexible.  Pleasure to work with." - Kathy Lindsey, United Seating & Mobility

"Owned and operated by Dean Realty Co. Developers, this cave [Downtown Underground] offers cozy storage, office and warehouse spaces. When I signed on with Dean Realty, I received a handwritten thank you note from the owner! When does that happen? I also received a holiday greeting picturing the Dean "family". They all signed it, and a coffee shop gift card was tucked inside! When does that happen?" - Tara Dawley, Downtown Underground Tenant

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