1201 W. 31st Street, Suite 2
Kansas City, MO  64108
Phone: 816.531.0800
Fax: 816.753.4311
Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T available in roads and mallways, with service optional to suites.

Dean's Downtown Underground Slideshow

Downtown Underground tunnel entrance The tunnel entrance to Dean's Downtown Underground is on the south side of 31st Street just west of Terrace Street.   The underground is open to the public every weekday...come take a drive through!
Downtown Underground office suite Beautiful, functional office settings.   Dean's Downtown Underground offers attractive, functional office settings...workers find the underground quiet and less distracting, more productive and just plain cool!
Downtown Underground office suite mallway Mallways provide front office entrances to Dean's Downtown Underground suites.   Visitors can access office and reception areas from a series of hallways, called “mallways,” throughout the underground. Many of these offices have warehouses directly behind them that are accessed from docks and man doors in the roadways.
Downtown Underground warehouse space Bright spaces!   Brightly painted and well-lit warehouses provide productive, luminous work environments.
Downtown Underground warehouse space A distributor’s dream.   Dean's Downtown Underground is an ideal setting for light manufacturing and distribution...particularly for goods served best by moderate, non-fluctuating temperatures.
Downtown Underground printing tenant Low overhead...big savings...financial security!   Print businesses gravitate to the unique features of the underground...reduced humidity prolongs paper products and inks, and production, prep, loading and office functions are perfectly served!
Downtown Underground storage space green. easy. smart!   SmartStorage units offer dock-high loading with flat carts and dollies available for renter’s use...but it’s the reduced rates and constant moderate temperatures that beat aboveground options and most impress our SmartStorage tenants!
Downtown Underground lounge Underground tenants enjoy a place to relax and eat!   Why head aboveground into the cold or heat when you have access to a peaceful lounge where you can eat and catch up on the news?
Downtown Underground office lobby Take a minute to kick back!   The same lobbies that welcome visitors to the underground offer a nice place to take a break or get away from the desk. Catch the news, read a book and listen to the fountain...it’s comfortable and inviting!
Downtown Underground storage space There’s no greater storage value!   Dean's Downtown Underground’s public storage units serve both business and personal use...everything from furniture and records to seasonal inventory is stored there.

Downtown Underground office conference room Underground businesses function the same as aboveground...without giving up a thing!   The wine-tasting and conference room pictured here serves a very successful Kansas City wine distribution company.
Downtown Underground elevator tower Take a 10-story ride to the underside!   Dean's Downtown Underground can be accessed via two elevators off 31st & Mercier Streets, the one shown here (3101) and one slightly southwest (3150). Visitors will arrive in one of two mallway lobbies in the Underground.